In a Galaxy far far away,
there came to be...


The planets listed below are the planets that are ICly known within this MUSH's galaxy. However, to help provide a good atmosphere for Role Play we've limited the number of planets built to only a few at this time. As the Data Base(DB) of Player Characters(PC's) grow, we will most likely build more by popular demand. A * symbol is next to the planets that are currently built on this MUSH.
*Arkania                Centerpoint Station        Cinnagar             
Clak'Dor VII            *Corellia                  Corporate Sector     
*Coruscant              Dantooine                  Ithor                
Ithull                  Jerrilek                   Karfeddion           
Kashyyyk                Kuat                       *Korriban            
Mandalore System        Mon Calamari               Nal Hutta            
Nar Shaddaa             Onderon                    Ossus                
*Rodia                  Ryloth                     Taanab               
*Taboon                 Talus                      *Tatooine            
Tralus                  Trian                      Trulalis             
Vento System            Yavin                      Yavin IV             
Each planet is also represented by one Senator except those in Sith territory. Those wishing to become a politician may request to Deus via page or @mail to become a senator of one of the available planets listed above.
Each planet has its own history and facts normally known throughout the MUSH galaxy. Information on each of the planets can be found in the EVENTS files located on the MUSH itself.