In a Galaxy far far away,
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What is a MUSH?

What does MUSH stand for?
The term M.U.S.H. is an acronym, standing for "Multi-User Shared Hallucination." Basically, a MUSH is a program that sits on a host machine ( Since the machine is permanently connected to the internet, the MUSH program can be accessed by anyone with the internet address. We'll get to that in a minute....

Because anyone can connect to the MUSH at the same time, this provides an easy environment for communication. It is similar to having a "chat room." However, the MUSH actually has a number of different locations, each called a "room," and you can communicate with people in the same room as you using the commands say and pose. You can also move about the various rooms of the MUSH by using "exits." All of this lends itself quite nicely to the manufacture of a game similar to the Infocom games in the 1980s. Therefore, the MUSH is run something like a text-based adventure, where everything you see is done in text (there are no pictures, I warn you graphics-lovers now).

Because everyone connected to the same machine ends up online together, you can interact with/talk to/role-play with anyone else who is logged in when you are (subject to certain restrictions on how MUSH communications work). Because you can communicate with multiple people simultaneously, the MUSH is a "Multi-User" system... hence the first two letters of the acronym.

Star Wars: Ways of the Force MUSH is an interactive role-playing environment where you can roleplay with people from all over the world by all connecting to the same machine. Because the rooms around you and the people "in a room with you" aren't there physically, the idea that you can talk to them, shake their hand, etc., is really an illusion, or a hallucination. Since more than one person is experiencing this "hallucination" at a time, it is a "Shared Hallucination." Hence the rest of the acronym.

MUSH Commands

Basic MUSH Commands
We have composed a list of basic MUSH commands to help players new to MUSHing figure out how to pose or say something on the MUSH. To get to the list, simply click HERE.

Goals of SW:WFM

What are the Goals?
Star Wars: Ways of the Force MUSH has several goals that are specific to it and may or may not be similar to those of other MUSHes. These goals are:

  1. First and foremost, the Admin of this MUSH have volunteered their time and effort to provide a place for the complete enjoyment of the players. We specialize in assisting new players and strive to provide a virtual playground, which encourages players to be creative with their role play.

  2. We are deticated in providing a harrassment free environment, where everyone, admin and players alike, are treated with the utomost respect and care. We support our players and will listen to any suggestions or criticisms they wish to make, but we ask that you please remember to be respectful when making them.

  3. We endevour to create a Star Wars-like fantasy environment, where everyone can have the opportunity to role play and act out some of their favorite characters.

  4. We aim to continually recognize excellent role play and service to the SW:WFM community through awarding extra bonus experience points, and by posting submitted logs of the distinguished role play to the SW:WFM website.

  5. We will work hard to continually improve the MUSH, taking into consideration the suggestions and comments that players submit to the Admin Staff.

Server Program and Version

What Server Program does the MUSH use?
Star Wars: Ways of the Force MUSH runs PennMUSH version 1.7.7 patchlevel 28. The only good reason for this is that it's the first MUSH system I was ever introduced to, and the first one I learned to code in. PennMUSH is maintained by Alan Schwartz. Information is availbable on the PennMUSH Home Page

How to Connect

Connecting to a MU*
There is one basic way to connect to the MUSH (or any MU*): telnet. There are a number of programs (called "clients") that can overlay the telnet program, which may your interface with the MUSH easier to deal with than plain telnet. In either case, all you need to do is follow the instructions in the How do I connect? file and you'll be all set. We welcome new players of all types, so please, feel free to join us!