In a Galaxy far far away,
there came to be...


As with any MUSH you may encounter, there are rules of conduct that should be followed. The Admin of this MUSH ask that you adhere to them completely to make for a more fun Role Play atmosphere for everyone.

  1. Everyone MUST abide by the MUSH etiquette guidelines outlined in NEWS GAME ETIQUETTE. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions.
  2. Absolutely NO obscenities or profanity are allowed on this MUSH. If you feel the need to curse In Character, it is HIGHLY encouraged that you please make it thematic. For example in place of curse words use something like 'Sith Spawn', or 'Bantha fodder'.
  3. Each IC character must be at a minimum age of 18 though real life players under 18 are permitted to play. There will be absolutely NO scenes involving violent or sexual acts against children RPed on this MUSH period. It simply will not be tolerated. Punishment will be extremely harsh if caught.
  4. Sexually explicit/adult-only material is forbidden in public areas.
  5. Absolutely NO harassment is allowed on this mush period. All OOC dealings between players MUST be as courteous and polite as possible. This includes channels, by page, OOC talk, etc. Anyone caught harassing another player is subject to banishment from this MUSH as well as being reported to your ISP service for the behavior.
  6. Spoofing of other PCs, NPCs, or NPC-organizations (such as the police) is not allowed. You may only play your own character and puppets or emitted NPCs that YOU have created.
  7. Excessive spamming is not permitted and will be considered a form of harassment.
  8. Players may not engage in any activity, which is designed to break/damage or otherwise impair the code, server or the host machine.
  9. Intentional cheating or exploiting of loopholes within the systems of this MUSH, such as XP accumulation or abuse of the banking functions, will not be tolerated. Anyone caught doing so will suffer reduction of XP's and disciplinary actions appropriate to such an act.
  10. You are responsible for all actions taken by your login character. Keep your password secure. Do not let others use your character to log in.
  11. If an unintentional mistake was made during Character Generation, a player may have only ONE regeneration where his character's Char-Gen information is wiped clean and may go through Character Generation again. If a mistake is made again, then the player will have to live with the mistake. This policy is only applicable in the chargen process.
  12. No 'well known' book or movie character names will be allowed. Each player is given the chance to become a unique Feature Character in and of themselves through their exceptional ability to Role Play.
  13. No Player Unions will be recognized or allowed on this MUSH. Admin hold the right to make final say on all MUSH issues.
  14. Should a player wish to advertise another MUSH, they may do so only within their +finger info. We ask that no bbposts advertisements be made, nor any &doing; or @doing messages be used for advertising another MUSH at this time.
  15. Should a player not log his/her character in for longer than 45 days without a &vacation; me= flag on themselves, the characters are subject to being idlenuked.
  16. If a player decides to kill off their applied for character for unjustified reasons, or a normal kills themselves off needlessly, they must wait for a period of 30 days before they can apply for a new character. It is highly recommended that the player have an alt character to RP with during this wait period before they kill off their character. This policy does not apply to Normals who need to get rid of an alt for an Apped for character (should they be approved). It does not apply to a Normal if it's used as a Plot Device or as consequences for IC actions. It does not apply to Leadership or FUs if it is a Major Plot Device effecting a large MUSH-wide TP. For instance if Sato gets killed, that wouldn't be just a little plot device it would have MUSH-Wide repercussions. All cases are subject to review by the admin and admin holds the right to enforce the policy for non-applicable cases, and can make exceptions for applicable cases.