In a Galaxy far far away,
there came to be...


Role Play Logs

July 2001 -
A Little Information
Don't be blunt with a God.
Training never ceases.
Whatever the Problem Your Friend May Face...
Seek ye therefore knowledge
How do you know Kastanje
I Bring You the Coward
The Gown and Dancer
Enlisting Jedi Assistance
Want a Job Do You?
Spaceport Event
Surprise, It's Your Birthday
Evening at the Spires

August 2001 -
Moira, the Investigator
Down Under
Candid Cantina Conversations
Excitement at the Praxeum
First Assignment
Moira's Gem Quest
Blind Panic
Seeking Help
A Hope for Help
The dangers of learning
Hiring Pirates

September 2001 -
Training a House Pet
Back where it all started
Krather Meeting
Checking Out
Clearing the Air
Not the quietest place to talk
Unexpected Visitor
The Revelations of Students
Spectre Becomes Cha'vin
What’s love got to do with it?
Something Amiss?
Suspicious Minds
The Woman
Medic's Are Always Useful
Never Mess With A Wookiee
Shifting Alliances
The Commlink Connection
Talor Makes a Dent
Dirty Deeds

October 2001 -
An Inward Look
Is It Time?
Tai See's the Light
A Jedi's Brother
A Jedi's Brother
You Wanna Massage?
Who's Converting Who?
You know it's a bad day when...
Treachery Revealed
Treachery Revealed - 2
Moira is Knighted
Tai Jin is Knighted
A Sith of a Different Color
Corellian Gambit

February 2002 -
Cabal vs. Wyld

March 2002 -
Of Warriors and Women

April 2002 -
Accidental Meeting

May 2002 -
Positively Scamming
Different as Day and (K)night
Planting Ideas
A Mysterious Girl and The Fine Art of Loopholes
So far, so good
Have you taken vengeance yet?
A Padawan's Intervention
A Meeting with a Hutt
Bistro Brawl
Tai Comes Home
The Deal
Sith Scratch
How wise is that?
First Stage of Healing
You expect me to believe that?

June 2002 -
Confidence between Medics
There Is No Try

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