In a Galaxy far far away,
there came to be...


As taken from The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia The Force is " energy that occurs naturally in the galaxy, it springs from all forms of life. It has two "sides," a good side and a Dark Side, although this is a great oversimplification of the Force’s existence. It has many sides, including a living element and a unifying element, and it binds all things together in a great web of existence. The Jedi Knights discovered that the Force was accessible to all living beings through the presence of midi-chlorians in their cells. The more midi-chlorians that inhabited a being’s cells, the more the being was able to contact the Force. However, a high concentration of midi-chlorians did not guarantee a being control of the Force. Only through intense study and dedicated training could a being become proficient in harnessing the power of The Force. The Jedi Council discovered that younger beings had an easier time of learning the techniques required to touch and control the Force, and eventually developed a system that actively sought out and identified beings with high midi-chlorian counts at their birth."

The Force Users on Star Wars: Ways of the Force MUSH are expected to be responsible and mature players with a desire to help create Role-Play and further the MUSH’s storyline. They are also expected to be helpful to newer players and respectful of the administration and policies of the MUSH. They are Alt characters that need to be applied for and only ONE Force Sensitive character is allowed per player.

Before applying for a Jedi or Sith Force Using character, a player must have actively role-played a 'normal' character for at least ONE MONTH _and_ must have at least 200 Experience Points(XP), prior to submitting an application. A Force Using character must be approved through Admin by submitting a Force Application to the Approval Department (See NEWS FORCE APP for more info). It will then be reviewed and either rejected or approved to go onto the next step, which is the RP test. Only those who pass the RP test can have Force Using characters.

NOTE: Because a Neutral (or Wild) Force User is given less structure and more freedom than a Jedi or Sith Force user, the requirements to be approved are more strict. Before applying for a Neutral Force using character, a player must have actively role-played a 'normal' character for at least THREE MONTHS and must have at least 700 total Experience Points, prior to submitting an application. They will also need to pass an RP test if the application is accepted.

When a player has been approved to create a Force Sensitive character, Admin will create a new character, which will be set Force Approved. The player takes their Force character through Character Creation just as they did with their normal characters. This time however, they will have access to Force Skills and Abilities that were previously unavailable. They will be limited to a maximum of 4 force skills and the remaining 6 will be normal skills. Force Users will select their 'profession' or Force class at 7th level.

The Force skills are developed much like the normal skills with ranks that go up as a player applies experience points (XP's) to them. As a character increases in levels, they must go to the Development Center in the OOC area to gain new or improve existing skills. Applicants and current Force Users should make use of the +JHELP, +SHELP and +WFHELP files to learn more about our Force ‘cultures’ on this MUSH.

Conversions happen on very rare occasions and therefore will be tightly restricted from occurring. Force players who have an extremely good IC reason to be 'converted' to the other side MUST send in a outlined detailed TP for the 'conversion' and it MUST be approved by Admin BEFORE it takes place. A player may submit such a TP application ONLY IF there is an announcement that a slot is opened for another Force User.