In a Galaxy far far away,
there came to be...


The combat system of this MUSH is NOT based on the conventional SW RPG. Instead it is based on a system developed by the Admin of this mush and is quite easy to incorporate. It is designed to combine Role Play with +skillcheck's to determine the outcome of a conflict. The basic steps taken in the event of combat is as follows:
First off, Combat is purely consent basis. If one of the players involved in the situation refuses to do combat, then that player MUST RP retreat, or be captured or call in a Judge to determine what happens with that player. If both players consent to combat, then the steps taken are:
For example:
Kujo spies his enemy approach, he slowly draws his blaster and quietly takes aim behind the cargo module he uses as cover. Waiting for just the right moment, Kujo squeezes the trigger in an attempt to shoot his enemy.
+skillcheck blaster/Medium
The enemy hears the zip of the blaster shot go past him. Surprised he ducks behind a nearby cargo module and calls out, "Ho there! Can't we talk this through?"
This kind of example at least gives the OPPORTUNITY that the attacker MAY fail his roll. It also gives defender the OPPORTUNITY to react to the failure. There is always a risk factor involved when performing some kind of skill based feat. This also applies to the same for doing something simple like cooking. Say you were trying to cook up a special feast for a noble, in order to see if you succeeded in cooking up an exceptional meal, you could roll a:
+skillcheck cooking/Hard
if you failed then the feast was nothing to brag home to mom about. But if you succeeded then the other players could roll how scrumptious the mean was.
Now you don't _have_ to do skill checks all the time. If both parties involved consent to, and agree that an outcome is to happen, you are more then welcome to RP it that way. BUT, don't take everything for granted. If you are trying to shoot someone and you want to pose that you indeed shot them, page the other person to see if its okay with them first. If it's not, then a +skillcheck needs to be made, or a Judge needs to be called in.
In addition to the +skillcheck rolls, there is a coded combat system.


Someone creates A combat scene, all parities involved join the combat scene. They each roll initiative, then the system tells the group whose turn it is. That person then attacks, the player defending chooses a defense. Combat resolves. Attacking player either attacks with their offhand weapon or ends their turn. The Combat system then tells the next player it is their turn.

Players default to 3 actions a round. So they must use strategy on how to use those action points. Attacking and defending takes action points. Only taking cover does not. Players may gain extra actions by certain abilities.

NOTE: The following combat commands are currently being tested. Some or all
      may go offline for periods of time in order to fix any bugs that may
      have been identified.

This is a list of Combat related commands:

+COMBAT -- Shows you any combat scenes taking place in this room and who is 
+COMBAT/SCENE CREATE -- Creates a combat scene.
+COMBAT/SCENE JOIN=# -- Joins a combat scene.
+COMBAT/SCENE LEAVE -- Takes you out of combat.
+COMBAT/END -- This ends your round of actions.

+ROLL INIT -- Rolls your initiative, Must be in a combat scene.
+WIELD WeaponName -- Wields a weapon in your main hand
+WIELD/OFFHAND WeaponName -- wields a weapon in your offhand.

+ATTACK -- Attacks with the weapon you have in your main hand. Can only do 
          this on your initiative. Takes an action.

+ATTACK/OFFHAND -- Attacks with the weapon in your offhand. Offhand weapons 
          get a penalty, the penalty is reduced for ambidextrous and 
          two-weapon fighting. Can only do this on your initiative. Takes an 

+DODGE -- Attempt to dodge an attack against you. This takes one action. 
          Can only do this when your attacked. Takes an action.

+PARRY -- You attempt to parry an attack. This takes one action. Can only 
          do this when your attacked. If your weapon was not designed to Parry, 
          it WILL take damage. Takes an action.

+COVER -- Attempt to take cover from an attack. DOES NOT take an action. 
          Can only do this when your attacked.

+DEFLECT - Not implemented yet.

-LOAD WeaponName - this command will reload your weapon if you have an extra 
If there is an OOC disagreement about the outcome then a Judge needs to be present. You would then need to call in a Judge to oversee the combat session by using the +JREQ command. (See +HELP +JREQ)
The Judges ruling will be final in all combat situations.